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We support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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What Grin-chan learned about Esdy Jesus☆

Now, in one word, we call the issues around the world SDGs.
Among the 17 categories, there are about 10 more detailed tasks, and I can't remember them all. .

Dre or one, you can pick what you care about. The point is to talk about the world.
"Let's achieve gender equality", is it difficult to advance your career? It's an image, but there are children in the world who can't go to school just because they're girls. When I say "I want to study", I get shot with a gun!

The world is filled with scenery you've never seen and stories you've never heard of!

Behind these 17 doors, various thrills are packed in solesore.
Shall we go take a peek at Dre?
Reality is great. I've only seen guns pointed at me on TV, but that kind of thing really happens on a daily basis. Some people attack people because they can't eat rice. When I think about it, hundreds of billions of dollars are being invested in new energy innovations, and seeing cities destroyed by huge typhoons, climate issues can't be ignored! Some people cried over the pollution of the sea, while others embraced and rejoiced after the war ended. All of these various dramatic stories are behind this door
Waiting for someone to " open the door"
I never thought someone would be waiting for me.

But the world that spreads beyond the door is waiting for you, wondering if someone will come soon.

That is the SDGs☆

Let's enjoy the drama that starts when you take a step!
Beyond that lies a glittering, unpredictable great adventure awaits.

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Grin-chan thought about the circular economy☆

Circular economy is a long katakana word lol "Circular economy" sounds unfamiliar, doesn't it? Various patterns are starting to be born to recycle without garbage and turn the economy. This is a trend that started in Europe and is called the Circular Economy. The meaning is simple when you look at the picture. Easy to aim.  

But when I say "economy", it's not just eco (environment), it also includes business. After all, it's easy to say that using materials that can be reused many times reduces the cost of raw materials, rather than using new materials. People are getting smarter, spending less and it's better for the environment, but I feel like I can't keep up. . . do not do? The difficult story is poi, to reduce expenses, eliminate waste. And when you think about "load" from various perspectives...? You might discover a new story by imagining the process from when something is completed until it disappears someday. The connection between myself and the world becomes real in this way. I can see the other side of the sea, which until now had nothing to do with me ♪ At this moment in the world, there are people working, sleeping, eating, and playing, but there is only one We are all connected through things. A circular economy is a business where everyone is connected. Sometimes I feel sad when I'm alone, but when I think about it like this, we're always together♪ That makes me a little happy.

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