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The world is chasing the backs of the sustainable people!


The following people who participated in Peace for Earth 2021 this time,

I would like to commend Coco as a first-year student of the SDGs that shines in particular.
Through more sustainable activities,

I sincerely hope that you will play an active role in society.



Through this sustainability activity, I was able to deepen my understanding of the environment, climate issues, and the circular economy. And by having valuable experiences such as media appearances, I was able to learn how to speak easily to the general public. Thank you.

I would like to make use of what I learned from this activity and actively disseminate our initiatives for the SDGs in the future.


Kogure Yuuka

I would be happy if everyone became interested in SDGs by becoming a sustainable model this time!

I spoke on the radio about my big dream, "I want to build a school in a developing country!", which is aimed at achieving Goal 4 of the SDGs. . I want to do various sustainability activities.


Seina NakataKanto Gakuin University

I felt that it was a display that made SDGs and sustainable feel more familiar. Until now, when I heard about the SDGs, I had the image of being serious and difficult, but the products are also very cute, and I realized that it is possible to contribute to society in this way. I think that because it is a land called Shibuya, I was able to get people who didn't know anything about the SDGs at least a little bit into their field of vision, and I was able to tell many people about it. However, to be honest, I thought it would be very difficult to stop and look at the products. I really felt the frustration of not being able to convey that it is a very good product with high design and functionality. Finally, I thought the opening of a store that sells foods such as okara was very attractive. In particular, the road in front of Marui has a lot of foot traffic, so I think it will be easy for many people to see it. I personally felt both the difficulty and the enjoyment of communicating about the SDGs and sustainability.


Benika Nakanishi Waseda University

I think it's very helpful and wonderful that you are trying to deliver to many people in the form of products, even problems such as environmental issues and the SDGs that seem difficult for ordinary people to approach. As for the venue itself, I thought that it was difficult to attract customers because it was a place called Modi, where people don't just drop by without a purpose.


Risa Fujita, representative of the 19 members of the Hosei University Food Loss Team

First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you to Mr. Meijo and Mr. Kataoka for doing the radio MC, and to Mr. Forever Green for providing such a place. After receiving the offer to appear on the radio, even after actually appearing on the radio, what I felt was consistently that "what we are doing is being appreciated so much". Although it was formed by volunteers from a seminar, this project was born from a series of coincidences. There are still many obstacles to overcome, but we plan to move forward with the support and appreciation of many people. “Someday, I want to deliver the okara products that we make ourselves to children suffering from hunger all over the world.”

The following companies, organizations, and brands who participated in Peace for Earth 2021 this time,
In particular, we will commend here as an SDGs/sustainable company, organization, or brand that contributes to society.
I believe that you will continue to develop even more wonderful activities, and I sincerely pray for your success.

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