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​ Peace for Earth 2020 Kawasaki Archive

3/2-8 @ JR Kawasaki Station East Exit Square

don't gather people

"Get noticed" by passers-by

Implement new event style

More than 200,000 people in one week

PR for the climate crisis and SDGs

■Overview: Enlightenment project for citizens to become aware of SDGs

Normally, educational events such as those related to the environment attract visitors and gather interested people to deepen their understanding. This report is a material that examines the effects, implications, and results by analyzing photographs and questionnaire results.

Organizer: NPO Forever Green

Management: 2020 Kawasaki Peace for Earth Executive Committee

Cooperation: Kinki Nippon Tourist Shutoken Co., Ltd., Pal Corporation, Adyan Co., Ltd., INARI LLC, performance unit Bee's KneeS, etc.

Supported by: Kawasaki City, Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform, Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Participation: Forever Green members (individuals, companies), local organizations, citizens, Cabinet Office, Kanagawa Prefecture, Parallel Career Promotion Committee, Kawasaki JCCCA, Miss Earth, etc., companies (PR for highly public projects (SDGs/CSR) Participated as a SDGs project only)

Target: Passers-by (citizens, office workers, housewives, students, etc.)

Date: March 2 (Mon) to 8 (Sun), 2020

Location: Sidewalk in front of JR Kawasaki East Exit Station

Purpose: To raise awareness about SDGs

■Achievement: 70% Held almost as planned *Partially scaled down due to coronavirus

1) Scale down to the limit in consideration of the coronavirus. We confirmed with the Kawasaki City Health and Welfare Bureau Infectious Disease Control Division and obtained 201 questionnaires on the 7th (Sat). Due to unfavorable weather on the 8th (Sun), the event ended early at 14:00.

2) Refrain from explaining the crisis of the world, and dare not to mention the environment, SDGs, or ethical, but to convey that it is an activity about the future, use catchphrases such as "I am happy, I am happy" and "I am enjoying it. such as create. Challenge various proposals.

3) When we checked "Impact, intention, was it interesting, about the supporters, understanding of the image" in the questionnaire, we were able to confirm very interesting results.

■Check out the video here !

ピースフォーアース2020川崎: 活動内容

First message

stop talking about difficult things

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ピースフォーアース2020川崎: ようこそ!
ピースフォーアース2020川崎: Pro Gallery
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