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Awards for Sustainability Models!
You are amazing💫! !

As a wonderful person who thinks about the future of the earth, I commend the specified non-profit organization Forever Green, which belongs to various SDGs-related organizations of the Japanese government, including the Cabinet Office, as having the potential to change the world .

What is a sustain model? : A person who has contributed to the spread and enlightenment of sustainable (sustainability* of society) (age, gender, nationality irrelevant).

森内 麻理衣.jpg

Marie Moriuchi
2021 Miss Japan finalist

"Peace for Earth" Ambassador

Together with my friends, I cooperated as a PR/ambassador for this Peace for Earth.


walnut sora
Idol, actress, former masked girl

"Peace for Earth" model

"Peace for Earth 2020 Shibuya" poster exhibition content

Assisted in radio PR


Marie Tada
2019 miss earth

"Peace for Earth 2020" Kawasaki

March 7-8, 2020

Responsible for messengers for pedestrians

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